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On a job hunt? Use this curated list of online job marketplaces to help you land a job you'll enjoy at a salary you can be happy with. It can feel overwhelming knowing where to start when looking for a new job. Career changes are stressful enough and navigating the internet's many job listings can be difficult without the right infrastructure. It will be nearly impossible for you to find a decent job without using a trusted platform like the ones on this list. Using online job marketplaces, you'll be able to filter out jobs that pay too little, require too much, or are too far from your home. Decide what's important to you in a job, then weed out the jobs you're not interested in and easily apply for the ones you like. Your job will be a major part of your life. Why not take advantage of technology and find the perfect occupation for you?

1. Indeed

Indeed is often cited as the biggest job board on the internet. Upload your resume and browse jobs near you (or remote jobs) that fit your skills and qualifications. Indeed's interface is clean and simple - you can easily find what you're looking for here. The secret to making Indeed work well for you is making sure to narrow down your search results as much as possible. Starting with a more specific search and then removing filters as you go will give you the best chance of finding an opportunity that' right for you. This is because if the sheer number of job listings available on this website.

2. Snagajob

Snagajob is a website and app that streamlines the job application process to the maximum. You'll fill out their standardized online application one time. Then, you can apply for jobs that interest you with one click. Snagajob will contact the employer with your information and you'll typically hear back within a week if they're interested. It's worth taking note that Snagajob is geared more toward jobs that pay hourly than jobs that pay salary.

3. Glassdoor

Glassdoor's focus is reviewing and rating the employee experience at a given company, but they do have job listings. Upload your resume to their website and you'll find plenty of opportunities there. These listings aren't as easy to navigate through as some other sites on this list, but you'll be able to view expected salary as well as personal accounts about what it's like to work at each company you apply for. Additionally, you can find information about the interview process at any given company.

4. Monster

Monster is an online job marketplace that is similar to Indeed. It's big and many employers post their job openings there. Just remember to create a highly specific job search while using these kinds of websites - it's a lot more efficient than trying to navigate through thousands of listings. In addition to searchable job listings, Monster offers articles and other resources about career advice, interview tips, how to make a good impression over the phone, resume optimization and other helpful topics and important job-related skills.

5. Hired

Hired is a newer online job marketplace, but it's high quality and very credible. You'll have to apply and get accepted to this marketplace, and here's why: They will provide you with 5-15 job offers per week. Additionally, your interview process, your proposed salary, and benefits offered - all of it is transparent. You will know exactly how you will be compensated for your time before signing anything. The current downsides of Hired are that it's mostly looking for job seekers in the technology industry and it's only hiring in major metropolitan areas like San Francisco, New York City, and Boston.

6. Craigslist

You can find a surprising number of job opportunities through Craigslist. Remote jobs, contract positions, full-time employment, one-time gigs - you name it. Searching here will always net you a few interesting prospects. You'll be directly in contact with the employer or a recruiter through Craigslist, so use your message to them to catch their attention and stand out from the other applicants. Make sure that you read the job listing thoroughly. Many Craigslist job offers ask you to respond to the post with a specific word or phrase in the email subject line in order to prove that you read their listing carefully.

7. We Work Remotely

This site focuses specifically on remote work. You can find jobs related to development, IT, writing, project management, design, and so much more. Working without a commute or an office to deal with can be freeing. It's not for everyone and you'll have to have a strong portfolio of work to show to potential employers. That being said, if you've got proven expertise in a specialized skill listed on the site, try applying for a job listed on We Work Remotely. Many remote jobs value experience over formal education. For example, if you're an experienced web developer without a bachelor's degree, try using this website!

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