Emerging Technology That Will Transform the Workplace

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The modern workplace is an ever changing situation. The basic concept of offices, of grouping up to work, has undergone many changes over the year, and the inclusion of remote connections has changed the workplace even more.

One of the main reasons for change in the workplace setting is technology. New technology makes some jobs easier and other jobs become obsolete. The invention of copiers and printers made paper copies much easier to come by. The virtual workspace, in turn, has made those paper copies close to obsolete.

Companies that want to thrive always need to evolve. If they don’t, another company will gain an advantage on them. This means that adopting new technology isn’t just useful, but critical to any business that wishes to succeed in the difficult business world. The following are some of hte technologies that are truly going to change how people work.

The 5 Technologies that Will Revolutionize The Workplace

1. Production Studios.

For some reason, presentations continue to be made in Microsoft Powerpoint. Powerpoint has remained the go to presentation software since its inception despite receiving relatively few tweaks and merely moderate improvement.

Modern production studios are going to make the basic concepts of powerpoint obsolete. Production studios are working to allow seamless integration of audio, video and other media presentation options in ways that have not been done before. Powerpoint, while efficient, can come off as a basic and boring plan. Businesses can truly wow people by instead taking advantage of new styles of production studios.

2. Personal Internet of Things

The internet of things continues to evolve and offer more potential use to people. While many people enjoy using the Internet of Things at home, it’s also evolving into an excellent workplace tool. For years, employees have carried ID badges they need to scan to get into their offices. But what if that badge immediately carried with it an intelligent chip that set off the internet of things. Rather than needing to manually scan it, it would be detected as soon as someone got close. That would then in turn set off a chain reaction where their meetings would be confirmed, and could be scheduled to specific boardrooms before they even sit down at their desk. While many businesses already use the internet of things on a business wide level, the potential for individual improvements abounds!

3. VPA - Virtual Personal Assistants.

The virtual personal assistant is here and is only going to become more impressive. Many people have adapted virtual personal assistants like Alexa and Siri for their own personal use. However the ability to use them in the workplace is going to be a gamechanger. Right now, these VPAs are excellent when it comes to things like retrieving specific data or obscure data. As they continue to develop, they will be able to perform more complicated tasks and processes. The best VPAs will be able to anticipate and have those tasks completed even before they are asked to through intuitive learning.

4. Immersive Technology

Many people have seen the uses of VR that are coming. Both augmented and virtual reality are going to allow companies to do things they have never done before at a fraction of the cost. Imagine an architect being able to design and show off a house design in full three dimensions to ensure that the client knows exactly what they want. Co-workers will be able to use VR or Augmented reality to explain and demonstrate their exact thoughts to their co-workers and will make collaboration far more efficient than it is now.

5. The Cloud

By now, many people and companies are already using the strength of cloud computing and cloud storage through their company. however, the cloud is far from finished with how it’s changing businesses. The next step is going to be allowing businesses and offices to personalize the cloud to benefit the individual. By being able to access and fulfill duties through any personal platform, it will lead to more engaged and versatile employees.

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